Outdoor Deck Tiles And Other Decking Materials

Resysta Teak Outdoor Deck Tiles

Outdoor deck tiles are made from recycled wood and plastic. Recycled wood comes primarily from construction debris, wood waste from wood sawing mill, used pallets and post consumer wood remains. This plastic is recycle post-consumer remain, plastic bags, use to milk jugs and other plastic package, the waste material is then chipped into small pieces and mixed and formed into tiles that resemble wood beams. It is mainly used for outdoor deck floors, landscaping and park benches.

Outdoor deck tiles this is the latest addition in the market and they were first produced in the early 1990s. However, due to their advantages over traditional deck materials, they are fast becoming the main decking material. Another advantage this has over the wood-tiles is their durability. Wood-tiles decompose with time and may not last long. However, composite tiles are durable and will never rot. Plastic components in it to protect them from the elements of nature rot and thus provide a longer life.

Outdoor deck tiles are also not affected by the weather extremities as well as wood decking. It is resistant to UV sunlight, acid rain, cold weather or excessive heat. On the other hand, the wooden deck tile will wear off if exposed to different weather conditions. Wooden decks will either warp, crack or a sip of water through time.