Outdoor Propane Fireplace Design

Amazing Outdoor Propane Fireplace

Outdoor propane fireplace is a clean burning fuel that does not produce soot or ash. Another advantage of wood-burning fireplaces is that you do not need to be worry burning embers. When you turn off the propane fuel away, the flame goes out. Propane is a more expensive fuel than wood. You will need to install a line for propane fuel or use the fireplace with the help of portable propane tanks. Buy a remote control or thermostat to operate the fireplace.

The outdoor propane fireplace does not require you to constantly monitor the understatement. You may need to run electricity to the unit. If you use a direct vent method of installation by an outer side wall, make sure you install a fire stop in any wall opening. In addition to preventing the spread of fire, giving fire stop ahead to protect the framing members from overheating.

Install outdoor propane fireplace on a non-combustible surface. Make sure you allow proper clearance for the walls and other combustible materials too. Read and follow the product instructions for proper installation so you do not void the warranty. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detector on each level of your home. Follow the municipal building and fire safety regulations to determine where to locate the coal and smoke detectors.