Outdoor Statues Fountains

Fountain Outdoor Statues

Outdoor statues and fountains add elegance to any area where a stately appearance desired. Mounted on a patio or in a garden, picturesque subjects of history, the artistic poses of famous people, still life, romping animals or innocent children get a touch of tranquility that blends harmoniously with nature.

Personal taste dictates what type of outdoor statues that will bring charm to your garden or patio. Greek and Roman subjects have given way to oriental designs, angels, gargoyles, animals and birds, elves and several poses to children. Colored cast stone or marble molded with resin used for many garden statues of today because of the weather resistance and low cost.

Types of Fountains

The outdoor statues on fountains can be made of reinforced concrete, slate, copper, glass or other sturdy materials. Freestanding fountains surrounded by greenery and hosting a statue that gives a ship for a flowing waterfall makes a very interesting middle of extensive grounds. Classical differential or a more modern form of improvised rock formations can be purchased to match your garden and patio furnishings. Wall fountains can be mounted on walls in patios or balconies for a light feature that will attract birds for you to enjoy.