Outdoor Topiary Artificial Tree

Outdoor Topiary Set

Outdoor topiary – Topiary is the art of sculpting bushes to create different shapes and designs. Topiary is done all over the world from the West to the Far East. Creating topiary forms takes time and patience and a willingness to keep up appearances topiaries by way of pruning and caring for plants itself with watering and keeping it safe from the elements of nature.

Topiary can be made in various shapes ranging from geometric forms the most basic to the design is very strange. There is almost no limit to what you can do. One of the nice decorations is to use outdoor topiary. The art form usually uses shrubs and sub-shrubs. These plants are evergreen; they grow small leaves and needles that produce dense foliage. The most common type of topiary bush used to form the arborvitae, bay laurel, box, Holly, myrtle, privet and yew.

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In order to guide the growth of plants and in turn create different forms, shaped wire cages are often used. This method is much faster than traditional shaped formation. Shape outdoor topiary is often made in the shape of animals. They put in the garden to give them a more natural look and almost magical quality. A life-sized elephants and even dinosaur topiaries created to places like the museum grounds, amusement parks and royal gardens.