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Popular Patio Awning Ideas

Patio awning ideas – A lovely awning provides outdoor space you can use for cooking, entertaining or just relaxing. You must choose a plan that looks good with your home architecture. Design activities, Create a courtyard room under the awning for cooking, watching TV or entertaining guests out of doors.

Design storage in one end of a stationary building awning housing and shelving attached to the support posts. If the awning is retractable, build a storage unit against a porch wall with a waterproof shelf to cover it. Invent ways to make the awning usable on many days of the year, so it will be worth the investment. If the roof is visible from the lawn area, design it with unusual angles or well designed eaves, so it does not look too plain or cheap.

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Good design flooring for patio awning ideas, an awning will get more use if the floor is easy to maintain. Simple concrete, indoor-outdoor carpeting or exterior ceramic porcelain tile makes inviting surfaces. If possible, place a water spigot and hose near the awning area to make scrubbing floors more convenient.

Install exterior outdoor light under the awning. This makes the area can be used for several hours a day. You can buy solar powered lamp stakes (actually powered by solar-charged batteries) to push into the ground around the awning-patio space. Bamboo post with integrated containers to hold candles or oil work well to light patio awning ideas areas, too.