Perennial Garden Ideas Design

Perennial Garden Ideas Decoration

Perennial garden ideas – Perennials have always been the favorite of gardeners. They are relatively easy to grow and offer a wide range of colors, shapes and textures. Perennials are those who lose their ramoso skeleton during part of the year and resurface in the spring of underground storage structure.

Before it was common place flowerbeds with perennials in front of hedgerows. Perennials are ordered according to their height; the highest were planted back and the lowest were planted later. This was done in order to separate the lawn flowerbed. The flowerbeds with perennial garden ideas arranged this way had its drawbacks. They require much space and could be seen from one side. Background plants competed for some light and shade made them other.

Perennial garden ideas, the upper floors leaned forward and obstructed airflow. The islands known as stonemasons were introduced in the fifties. So they could be seen from all sides, these beds were placed in the lawn. The problems of shade and air circulation were then removed. Flowerbed in the center of the highest specimens were planted. As a rule, the height generally no more than half the width of the bed. At present, space determines what you might do in a communal garden. It is difficult to devote an entire space to a single type of plant as perennials. Mixed beds are very popular.