Plant Easy To Grow Patio Vegetable Garden

Stylish Patio Vegetable Garden

Patio vegetable garden – It is easy to grow a vegetable garden, even with limited space. Several types of vegetables in patio vegetable garden do quite well in patios or small spots of dirt cut out of your lawn. Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, carrots, can all be grown. Even corn can be part of a small home garden, if given the proper care.

Plant easy to grow patio vegetable garden, Containers or plot, 10 by 10 meters of land has plenty of room for a vegetable garden. Decide what type of containers you want to use if you want to go that way. Round pots should be high, 14 inches in diameter or more, and rectangular ones should be in the range of 24 by 15 inches. Everyone should be at least a foot deep. Select a location with plenty of sunlight. Vegetables require at least five hours of uninterrupted sunshine each day. Draw a diagram of where you want each vegetable to go in the garden. After planting vegetables, keep notes on their progress.

Plant easy to grow patio vegetable garden. Loosen the soil several inches down, especially if you plan to plant root vegetables like carrots. A rotary tiller makes this job easier. Add organic matter to improve soil nutrients. Work slow release fertilizer in the soil. For containers, starting with potting mix then add the organic material and fertilizer. Cover any areas where you plan to plant plants with black plastic or biodegradable weed block sheets or mulch. This will keep moisture in the soil and keep weeds from invading your garden.  Place the mulch in areas where you plan to sow seeds in his hand, after the plants have begun to emerge. Too much mulch of seeds could inhibit their growth.