Playful Large Kitchen Island With Bar Seating

Interior Large Kitchen Island With Bar Seating

Large Kitchen Island with bar seating – A kitchen island is a desire for many cooking enthusiasts. It gives a luxurious appearance, is very practical and can be used in kitchen design in many ways. Join me and choose your favorite kitchen island. In my old house had our kitchen a small peninsula with a length of 1.50m. Island was not very big but this small area was one of my favorite spots in house, it was a nice separation between living room and kitchen. Our peninsula was 0.90m deep, so we had space to create a bar. This little bar was used frequently! Children moved when I was cooking, I used it as a mobile workstation and it was favorite place for drinks little and dinners with friends.

Two years ago I made design of kitchen in our current home. A spacious kitchen with an island and bar was wish. This time we had room for a large island with a length of 2.40m. Entire length has an overhanging work surface 30cm, again with room for our stools. Now our large kitchen island with bar seating is used optimally.

Kitchen island bar have no boards or beams underneath, so there is room for seating. Although stools or chairs are usually made to be stored under table, make sure you walk room behind each chair when table is in use. Large Kitchen Island with bar seating is can to displaying appetizers during house events and parties.