Position For An Outdoor Clothesline As Suggestions

Decorating An Outdoor Clothesline

Outdoor Clothesline – A person often hangs outside clothing – to save money on his electricity bill or simply because he likes the smell of fresh air on his clothes. If fabric softener is used in the wash, the clothes will dry soft rather than “hard”. Using the right materials allows an outdoor clothesline to last for many years, giving your user batches of service and saving hundreds of dollars on electricity bills.

Choose the place for the outdoor clothesline. Dig the hole first with the post hole digger. The hole should be two feet deep. One of the 4 by 4 inch boards placed in the hole. Later stuffed with the dirt dug into the hole, packing the dirt down as the layer into the hole.

Measure four feet, hold the tape measure on the outside edge of the newly “planted” post. Dig another hole for the second 4 by 4 inch board. Set the second board 4 by 4 inches into the hole and the back are filled with dirt, packing down as that layer in the hole.

Measure the length of the clothesline. Common distances are 8 to 10 feet. Dig two holes over two feet for the last two poles. “Plant” the poles as indicated in steps 1 and 2. Always use proper safety equipment when working with saws and drills for the outdoor clothesline.