Pretty Living Room And Open Kitchen Designs

2016 Living Room And Open Kitchen Designs

Living room and open kitchen designs – When designing and decorating an open -space kitchen and living room, it is important to distinguish between two areas. This makes open area feel more organized. Open-space areas are common in attic apartments and spaciously designed homes. Working with these areas may seem an intimidating task at first, but with proper planning device becomes a simple task

Define living room space with use of an entertainment center and a sofa. Position sofa facing away from kitchen area and to entertainment center, to create a small wall barrier. Define living room and open kitchen designs area with a distinctive dining table setup. Define table by showing dinner tools such as salt and pepper shakers openly on table. table should be close to kitchen, creating an easy way for serving food.  Add kitchen decor for kitchen and countertops. Consider a fruit bowl on table tops near kitchen, and if your household does not eat fruit regularly plastic fruit can substitute fresh. Display kitchen items such as blenders, toasters and coffee makers open to further distinguish space.

Bringing living room and open kitchen designs together with an underlying color scheme and small decor items. Another option is a series of matching carpeting throughout three areas. When working with an open space, bringing regions together using colors. Interior elements as a series of paintings will also tie three rooms together.

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