Pretty Outdoor Potted Plants

Outdoor Potted Plants Ideas

Outdoor potted plants – Container gardens and outdoor pots allow gardeners to grow a variety of plants that may not necessarily survive if they are planted directly in yard. Containers allow better soil and water control and always have option of moving indoors if weather is too cold. Pots come in a wide variety of size, shapes and colors, so possibilities are virtually endless.

Find a plant that I love and use as a focal point for your pot. Then, surrounding plants are filled which complement size, shape, color and texture of first floor of you. Since containers offer relatively small plantation space, do not try to put too many colors in outdoor potted plants. Instead, choose a color scheme that includes your original plant and stick to it. For best results, combine a variety of shapes and textures. If plant you started with has soft round leaves, contrast with ornamental grasshoppers. If you have a creeping growth pattern, combine it with a vertical plant that has a similar color scheme.

Just because your container is smaller than a full flower bed does not mean that same rules of gardening do not apply. Think of elements you use in a typical landscape and combine them artistically in your container gardens. Arrange ornamental trees, small shrubs, flowers, soil cover and solid in same outdoor potted plants as you would in a larger garden.