Red Painted Kitchen Cabinets Style

Stylish Red Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Red painted kitchen cabinets – Simply applying red paint to an existing cabinet surface will look good for a short time, but for no good prep job, the paint could chip off in just a few short months.

Remove handles from the enclosure, tighten any hinges and pull out all the drawers. Doors and drawers are easier to paint if they are removed. Sand all cabinet surfaces with 220 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper. Existing red painted kitchen cabinets are often glossy paint or polyurethane finish. These smart surfaces do not accept new paint, unless they have dogged a bit with sandpaper. Use masking tape to nearby objects. Prime the surfaces by means of an oil-base primer. Using a brush for tight corners and a roller on large surface to wait for the primer to dry.

Use red oil base gloss or semi-gloss paint to the housing by means of a clean brush and roller. Painting with a shiny gloss that best suits the kitchen cabinets because it dries easier cleanup. Paint a second or third coat if necessary after the first coat dries. attach the red painted kitchen cabinets hardware and remove the masking tape after the last coat has dried to a full 24 hours. The paint will dry long before a whole day, but the finish will last longer if your let it sit and harden for 24 hours before using the surface.

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