Refinish Your Teak Outdoor Dining Table

Round Teak Outdoor Dining Table

Teak outdoor dining table – Refinishing teak outdoor dining table will restore its original luster. This is very important because outdoor teak can be gray with time. Preparation; Add a drop cloth down around the work area, open the windows in the workspace, wipe down the table surface with a soft cloth, us on goggles and a dust mask.

Sanding of teak outdoor dining table; using a circular motion, and with an orbital sander with fine-gauge sandpaper and sand lightly on the hand. Then sand table to original golden hue appears. And for stubborn stains, sand gently and evenly hand. You can also use oil. After sanding, wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove dust. Oil comes soft cloth and work on three circular motions. Work a small section at a time until oil is absorbed.

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Repeat steps 2 through three stops absorb the oil. Give teak outdoor dining table dry completely (preferably overnight) and then buff with a soft cloth. Remember, teak tables can be oiled regularly to maintain shine and freshen up errors. A teak sealer can be applied after using oil to help keep table oils. Using a thin layer in the same way as oil program.