Repaint Wicker Patio Furniture

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Wicker patio furniture – The wicker chairs and tables accentuate and enhance any patio. The material is ideal for the weather, but eventually the painting of the wicker furniture peeling and flaking. You can repaint to revive them. Scrape the extra paint can with a soft wire or a bronze brush. If the paint is peeling very, carefully scraping the paint with a flat screwdriver. Be careful not to damage the wicker. Lija hard parts gently with 100 grain sandpaper attached to a sander to smooth the surperficie before painting.

Place an old cloth to protect the area. If you paint outside, catch the fabric with stones at each corner so that it stays in place. Turn it to the cabinet and applies the oily base with a spray of compressed air or a natural bristle paint brush. Place your face up of wicker patio furniture and applies the base again. Let the furniture dry completely. Add a layer on each side and let it dry.

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Apply a light coat of semigloss paint for homes with a spray of compressed air or a natural bristle brush under the furniture. Turn it and applies the paint. Allow the wicker patio furniture to dry completely before adding more layers on each side. Let the wicker furniture to dry for a week before use.