Repair Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

Popular Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

Outdoor wicker patio furniture – Wicker furniture can tear up or weave, or spokes can break. If your wicker patio furniture is damaged, you may want to repair it yourself. Repairing wicker patio furniture does not require extensive knowledge or tools. When buying supplies to repair your wicker furniture wicker choose the same color of your furniture.

Substitution strings, Turn your wicker chair across, up and down. Cut the ends of the damaged string at an angle with your scissors and carefully remove the string. Measure the old string with your tape measure and add 5 cm (2 inches). Cut a new string of willow as you soaked in water for about 20 minutes. Weave the new string of outdoor wicker patio furniture on the bottom for the original pattern. Pull braided tightly as you weave it. Tune the new string of willow with your scissors. Butt ends of the new rattan string with rattan furniture and apply your waterproof glue.

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Repair outdoor wicker patio furniture, replacing a spoke, cut the spoke with your diagonal-cutting pliers few strings in the weave pattern rattan furniture and remove it. Measure the length of your clip spoke with measuring tape. Insert the new spoke in place by holding it with your needle-nose pliers and after the original patterns on your furniture. If the dry spokes will be difficult to work with, you can soak it in water. This allows the spoke to be more flexible. Apply glue to all the ends of the spokes. Let the glue dry.