Replace A Canopy Swing Outdoor Bed

Cozy Canopy Swing Outdoor Bed

Canopy swing outdoor bed – Start with remove the old canopy, and measuring the length and width. You must add six inches in length. Go to your local drug store or department store that has subjects department. Then buy material, and a heavy-duty fabric, make sure liner fits your material some. Two, position your material face down and put a cloth on top facing upwards.

The fabric canopy swing outdoor bed must be the same length as the material, but not so wide. So make sure there is at least a two inch difference with cloth is less than the material.  Three, carefully lift the fabric of the material needed. Squeeze liquid glue on the material and smooth the fabric over the top. Place books or blocks of hard wood on top cloth and let it dry.

Four, add material to the frame and stand under the frame and material. Fold under the portion of the material over hangs over the bar. Don’t forget to give the mark at the location where the fabric edge touches the other fabric area. Five, use liquid glue or sew to apply hook. Use liquid glue or sew also to loop tape to the edges of the material and the other side of the fabric where you marked it. Add the canopy swing outdoor bed over the frame and hook it in place.