Solar Outdoor Lanterns Ideas

Smart Solar Outdoor Lanterns

Solar outdoor lanterns – Solar lamps save energy and lower your electricity costs through solar-powered batteries. If you have an old pair of solar garden stake light, do not throw them away. Build your own solar lamps for use indoors in early winter nights or outdoors during the summer barbecues. Carefully remove the chimney from the hurricane kerosene lamp. Unscrew the metal case where the wick is like mesh jacket for the cover.

When you remove them, the wick should come up too. If there is no kerosene wick, be careful not to drip. Emptying the glass bottom of your solar outdoor lanterns kerosene and wash it out thoroughly with soap and water. Wash hurricane lantern, too. This removes dust and dirt that can prevent paint from sticking to the glass and any lingering kerosene smell.

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Spray-paint the hurricane chimney with frosted glass spray paint. Let the paint dry overnight. Glaze hides the sun’s light bulb and helps diffuse light. Take your garden stake solar outdoor lanterns apart. The plastic housing is usually just snap into place; Loosen the holder and insert from the sun’s light bulb and battery pack. The battery pack should be square, press a marble big ball of poster tack in each corner of the unit.

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