Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Small Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Storage ideas for small kitchens – In homes without designated large storage room are several small storage solutions the only option. When planning your home design, work storage space that is otherwise unused, and use storage devices that double as home decor. With planning and creativity, you can find storage options in even the smallest rooms or apartments.

One of storage ideas for small kitchens is turn to the walls for storage solutions. Using a small number of wall hooks, you can turn a bare wall to the effective storage device. Using hooks in a hall instead of a closet for coats and umbrellas, or install them in the kitchen to keep pots and pans. In your bedroom, the hooks hold towels, bulky items of clothing, scarves or other accessories. You can use under cabinet hooks to store small items like cups or glasses.

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Another storage ideas for small kitchens mounted shelving. Removing desktop and countertop clutter in your home by installing small wall mounted shelving. In the kitchen or office, can be deep shelves hold mail, permission slips and other important papers without scattering them around the room. Use shelves to hold books in your bedroom, and install tool versions in a laundry room to hold soaps and detergents.