Stylish Kitchen Island With Stools

Decoration Kitchen Island With Stools

Kitchen Island with stools – kitchen Bar Island is not just a place to plop down for a quick meal or a chat with the chef. They can make your kitchen look pulled-together, or detract from its appearance. Besides good looks, a good bar stools should be comfortable and the right height for your kitchen bar. Plans to shop around and follow a few guidelines to make sure you get the perfect bar stools for your kitchen.

How to choose good kitchen island with stools? Measure the height of your bar counter. Table The height bar is 30 inches tall, one Counter height bar is 36 inches high, and a high bar is 42 inches tall. Look for bar stools with seats that are about 10 inches below the bottom of your bar counter. Measure the width of your bar counter to determine how many stools you need. National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends a barstool for every two feet of column width to provide comfortable seating comfort.

Shop for Kitchen Island with stools that complement the style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a Tuscan cuisine, the elegant steel and leather bar stools look out of place. Try out the bar stools for comfort. Even if you like the look of backless stools, you can find chair-style stools more comfortable. Consider whether you want stools that turn easier access