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Awesome Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tile backsplash – Subway tile was a popular form of wall cladding in the 1920s and 1930. It is essentially an elongated tile, made to look like brick, white or gray with high-gloss finish. It gives a classic retro look of the kitchen if you use it behind your sink and backsplash. As with any tile backsplash, the aim is to protect the wall of water, so the parts are sealed and glazed when you buy them.

Parquet patterns are perfect for kitchen subway tile backsplash when metro is 3 by 6 inches in size. This is because most backsplashes are 18 centimeters tall; parquet pattern can be repeated three times from the counter to the cabinet. Place two subway tiles at their ends next to one another. Beside them, there were two subway tiles longitudinally, one above the other. Reverse the pattern and build on top until it covers the space. This pattern can be used to cover the entire rear wall and works well if a mixture of bright and matte tiles for extra depth is used.

To use subway tile backsplash in a modern or contemporary kitchen, consider using tiles that are elongated, such as 4-by-12-inch tiles instead of the traditional meter size. Install the tiles, either in a random pattern, so that the joints are not aligned or perfectly square tiles are stacked on top of each other. Either way it will create a modern look in your kitchen design than traditional meter is updated.Subway tile backsplash patterns,

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