The Meaning Of Rain Garden Design

Backyard Rain Garden Design

Rain garden design – we explain the basic concept. The idea behind a rain garden is to ensure that the ground absorbs water and purify (naturally) through the layers of soil, dry leaves and roots.

A rain garden design is planted compound in a certain area, like any other garden plants is where the difference is sown. The rain garden is named for that is planted in places where we want to create a natural filter for rainwater. For example, the land at the end of a drain or low and flat side of a sloping ground, places to where water tends to run after a heavy downpour.

This idea can be somewhat confusing, because we think that these gardens are planted where water collects when it rains. But in reality, the idea is to redirect the water stagnates in some parts of the ground, or down from our roof, a well-drained area where the earth absorbed and purified. If after a rain, you see that the water wells up for several days in some area of ​​your land, it is an indication that there no particularly good drainage, and that is not good place for the rain garden design.