Tips For Outdoor Propane Burner

Outdoor Propane Burner Image

Outdoor propane burner torches and barbecues can become contaminated with dirt, debris, or soot, by normal use. You should clean all parts of the system before storing or at least weekly if the system is often used.

Preventive maintenance extends the life of any system. Inspect all gas pipes, fittings, and burners for signs of wear or damage. The outdoor propane burner tank connected to the system must be changed periodically. Any signs of rust or damage to the tank, for example, a broken foot ring or dents in the tank, it means that the tank should be replaced. Testing lines for leaks before use. A simple solution of soap and water is sprayed on the fittings and lines will bubble up in the presence of a leak. Spray lines and hit on the idea to test for leaks.


Different types of propane systems have unique instructions. You should always follow the instructions in the manual to ensure safe use. Typical use of all propane-fueled flame should be at least 15 to 20 meters from a building to protect against fire. You should keep a fire extinguisher readily available. Propane rings should be supported on a non-combustible rocks or bricks. Outdoor propane burner torches should be switched off when not in use. You should never leave a propane-fueled fire unattended, even if the fire is in a closed container, such as a barbecue.