Understanding Above Ground Garden Ideas

Simple Above Ground Garden Ideas

Above Ground Garden Ideas – Well, with the vegetables and the production of high prices in every season, it is true that every day more and more people became interested in growing their own food crops. Backyard garden house can be a cheap and fun way to control your food supply. At the same time it can also reduce your grocery bills. Here are some basic garden ideas and plans for the family filed to get you started.

When you are planning about above ground garden ideas, do not use wood materials for the building, which has been dealing with this kind of hazardous chemicals. You can treat the railway with paint and other toxins that would resolve it quickly in the soil and destroy your crops links. Solid untreated is better to use, while the concrete blocks can be assigned to choose other effective and secure borders.

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You also need to determine the level, such as slightly elevated spot, away from the trees, but near water sources. The sun is a must for any garden, 6-8 hours of direct sun a day would be perfect. Above ground garden ideas can vary in size, but in general the framework of 3-4 feet wide. This is raised anywhere from 6 inches to waist height will work well.