White Outdoor Bench Building Instructions

White Outdoor Bench Style

White outdoor bench – Building your own outdoor bench can be easy and inexpensive, and it will not require much time. What does an outdoor bench last are the materials used to build it. The wood must be treated so that it can withstand exposure to rain and sun over time. Treated pine is a cheap option for those building applications, and is easy to work with compared to the hardwood.

White outdoor bench building instructions lay two 16-inch boards flat, parallel and 41 inches apart. Lay a 48-inch piece of plywood on top of the boards. A 48-inch edge should be flush with the ends of the boards, and the 12-inch edges should be flush with the sides of the boards. Screw the plywood to the boards at this location, using the 6 screws. Repeat this process with the other two boards, and with the 12-by-48-inch sheet of plywood. These are the two long sides of your bench.

Place the two long sides of your bench that you built in step 1 as they stand on the 16-inch wafers. Plywood sheets should be parallel to the boards between them, and so that the outer edges of the plywood are 24-inches apart. Screw the 24-inch sheets of plywood to the two pairs of 16-inch wafers. The edges of the plywood sheets should be flush in the corners. This is your bench frame. Screw your last piece of plywood to the top of your bench frame. Screw directly into the plywood that is screwed to the legs of the white outdoor bench.