Wicker Patio Furniture Sets Is Favorite Options

Best Wicker Patio Furniture Sets

Wicker patio furniture sets – We have focused on five types of outdoor furniture finishes, most common and most used are: rattan, wicker, wrought iron, bamboo, and synthetic materials such as plastics, fibers or woven resin among others. Obviously there are more materials, but most commonly used as mentioned above are these 5, so we will see one to one as clean and paint them step by step.

Wicker patio furniture sets are favorite furniture manufacturers to build furniture, this plant material is a vine that grows in tropical forests of east, and is one of strongest woods that nature gives us. What used to line rattan furniture is outer skin and structure of cabinet is very solid core is used. If your furniture is made of natural plant rattan congratulations, you have good furniture. I say this because there are also synthetic rattans made from this material imitating synthetic resins.

How to cleaning wicker patio furniture sets? Due to passage of time, this material when exposed to weather over years acquires a darker hue than when manufactured. To remove that pitch, prepare a little warm water mixed with juice of two lemons, wet a cloth and rub entire cabinet then you let it dry, you will see how reacquires a much lighter tone. This technique is to leave rattan as new, but if you prefer to paint or varnish, do not need to use warm water with lemon, simply mixing water with a little ammonia rub it with a cloth and let it dry thoroughly then we can start paint.